Tim Holmes A Winner At Film Festival


Berkeley, CA            Dec. 12, 2007

Internationally recognized sculptor, Tim Holmes, has been awarded the prize for Best Artwork for his film “The Twenty Third Psalm “ at the New Way Media Festival in Berkeley, California. Dr. David Randolph, host and founder of the festival, said, “the film was a hit with the audience”, and indicated there was interest from other artisans in becoming involved in the project. Dr. Randolph is widely known as a leader in worship and the arts.

The film is one of a series of short films Holmes has been working for several years called Body Psalms that address contemporary social issues concerning art, belief systems, and body image in our culture. In this unique form of art– a kind of three-dimensional poetry– passages of the Psalms and other mystical texts painted on models’ skin unfolds in performance. He has been utilizing his work in workshops, stage performance, discussion panels, and art installations at universities, seminaries and churches across the country. Holmes was the first American artist to exhibit his work at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg Russia in 1993-4.

Other prizes included best documentary to Joe Speer of Las Cruces, New Mexico for “Intimate Whispers in the Desert.” Dr. Joan Brix Carter was awarded top prize for use of media in worship.

The New Way Media Festival, held in early December, is an annual event open to media artists everywhere. “New media are opening new ways for poets and preachers and performers to communicate creatively the messages we need to hear, “ said David Madgalene, director of the festival.

According to Holmes’s web site, “In Body Psalms words take on new dimensions of expression that appear in no other medium, becoming actual passages of sculpture as they move, stretch, unfold, recombine and morph into other words and images.  The form enriches the powerful poetry of the psalms with the expressive possibilities of choreography, calligraphy, sculpture and photography”.

Tim Holmes works from his studio in Helena, Montana and is best known for his achievements in peace related international projects. Examples of the Body Psalms films and other works can be seen on his web site www.TimHolmesStudio.com.


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