Body Psalms Project        

a project to re-evaluate the body in a capitalist world

Body Psalms is a celebration of the sanctity of the body through performance rituals and video sculptures involving dancers and diverse ordinary people unfolding passages of mystical texts painted on their skin to create moving sculptural poetry.

In a capitalist culture increasingly governed by the ethics of pornography, where nothing is too sacred to be exploited by amoral commercial forces, the body becomes the preferred currency.  Is this what we are meant for?

This art is meant to invite dialog between separate value systems– personal, corporate and religious- that each one of us engages in our own way, but that are rarely addressed together.  I see the current devaluation of the body as akin to climate change- a world problem that, regardless of whether we ignore it or face it, will increasingly effect our lives.

“Man has no Body distinct from his Soul; for that call'd Body is a portion of Soul discern'd by the five Senses.” 
 - William Blake (1757-1827)


“Approaching our own flesh with an attitude of deep respect
opens us to truly see dignity in others.”       -Tim Holmes

Recent Videos

Below are some sample art films.           And some short documentary films.


The flesh answers the spirit's longing in this 2-minute video meditation between a young woman and a beautiful old man.

We are each of unspeakable value.

Our bodies the pinnacle of creation.

The culture will make you hate your body.

But do not hear that; hear instead the song of your love.

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  • Erotic Crisis TED talk

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  •  Interview on the Body Psalms

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  • Interview on the dangers of AI


Body and soul find home in each other in this short meditation.


Body Psalms excerpt from the film
"The Moving Art of Tim Holmes"

Art film shorts currently available:

• A Hart Longs (Ps. 42:1)    2014 4:30
        - Flesh longs for the soul, which longs for flesh, in this study on beauty and aging.
• Abundance    (Ps. 23:5)    2005 2:20
        - Woundedness and blessing, hand in hand.
• Beauty Thereof (Ps. 19:1,6) 2008    3:00
        - Beauty permeates the cosmos
• Blessing (Num. 6: 24-26) 2008    2:45
        - Benediction in dance and music
• Fear to Wonder (Ps. 139:14)    2007    3:55
        - Transformation of fear releases great power
• Lament, A Cry for Embodiment (Ps. 22) 2:27
        - We are a people without lament.
• Leave Bodies (St. Theresa of Avila)    2007 3:35
        - The journey of life
• Longing (Ps. 63:21)     2005 2:20
        - The flesh answers the soirit's longing
• Restoreth (Ps. 23:3)    2005 2:30
        - Body and soul find each other at last
• Shikibu's House  2013   3:45
       - The old body, like a ruined house, lets in more light.
• The 23rd Psalm  - Comfort in the face of fear      (8:15)
   (Winner of the New Media Festival "Best Artwork"
   Award, Berkeley, CA, 2007
• Word Made Flesh Made Word    2005    2:20
        - The flesh comes alive with the word

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