Performance Art

-art performance to encourage passionate presence

Art performances come alive in the

everyday space of people's real lives.

" is a live video/dance performed with a local choir providing the soundtrack,
here danced by Tashia Gates at the Myrna Loy Center, Sept. 13, 2012

"The Inquistion of Don Miguel", a dynamic set design for a ballet featuring Ballet Montana. (Click on image for more).

"Shikibu"s House", a live/video dance performance
(Click on image for more)

“Much of my art is dynamic and inteded to be interactive.
Performances allow for a new level of engagement with viewers,
encouraging the unlocking of creative social transformation."
-Tim Holmes

Body Psalms Performance Art events:

Body Psalms: The Future Body, a live performance involving a cast and crew of 30 at the Myrna Loy Center, Helena, Montana, Sept. 13, 2012.

This performance, the most comprehensive presentation of the Body Psalms project to date, involved films, dance, comedy improv, a performing sculpture, chorus and other live elements, compelling viewers to see their own bodies in new ways.

Dancing Sculptures- Tim Holmes Meets Brecht, Dance and actor's dialog between Brecht the playwright and Holmes the sculptor/filmmaker (in German); Pygmalion Theater, Vienna, Austria, Mar, 2010.

Brancusi, Brecht and Holmes, Dance, drama, music and Holmes' films (German production); Pygmalion Theater, Vienna, Austria, Feb., 2010.

Body Psalms: Tea Ceremony was the culmination of a seminary course, a performance in which participants performed their own creative stories in the formal context of a Japanese tea ceremony. Wesley Seminary, Washington, DC, Oct., 2008.

Body Psalms: A Context Performance, a performance to illuminate how the "veiwer" in each of us changes with the context. The same three short films were shown to veiwers as they moved between three contexts: an artist's reception in an art museum, a formal slide lecture, and finally a phoney worship service in a church. With the change in context the meaning of the art is transformed. Hoter Art Museum and St.. Paul's UMC church, Helena, MT, July 23, 2008.

Body Psalms: Re-evaluating the Flesh, the participatory performance with a group of university art students at University of Great Falls, the culmination of a course in the Body Psalms.  Great Falls, MT, 2007

  "Tim Holmes Meets Brecht",  Vienna, Austria

The Body Psalms project is a 12-year multi-tiered exercise in social engagement created by artist/philosopher Tim Holmes and designed to address "climate change on the inside" in a gentle, straightforward and celebrative form. It's an invitation to re-evaluate the flesh using a kind of video sculptural poetry as a metaphor to reach people wherever their lives have meaning– whether that be through traditional institutions or on the street– in a creative struggle to reclaim the value and meaning of the body, for individuals and for civilization.

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