Painting and drawing

- there are no straight lines in nature

- a journey into sensual mysticism


Though I am better known for sculpture, I have always worked in two dimensions.  Working with a pencil or brush is rapid, immediate and  flexibile.  Most of my scultpures and in fact my ideas of any kind have at least a drawing component.  Here are some of my major series with regular new updates:

The Speaking Gaze

Feminine Spirit

Male Landscape


Sex Map

    maps of internal jouneys; finding our way to the boundaries of life, where opportunity rises.  Take a guided tour!        


Visitation by the Muse

A large museum installation with hundreds of objects, centered on large drawings, displayed as if the viewer stumbled into the studio when the artist was missing during a torrent of frantic activity, the results of which are strewn about the building.  

Visitation by the Muse- a short film

Mystical Moon
    - Montana's history and parks

    - a terrible scrutiny of a violent nation

Language of the Heart

- The heart is a theater of longing

Visitation by the Muse
The Muse I sought was also hunting me!

Dark Drawings

Drawings strangely
illuminated by darkness

"Sculptures by Tim Holmes deserve being displayed in the best museums of the world." -- Mikhail Piotrovsky, Hermitage Director

  Copyright  •  2016 • Tim Holmes Studio