Metaphysical Maps

maps of internal journeys, a marriage of antique maps esthetics and abstract expressionism


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Maps are available as prints in an exclusive limited editions of 20 each.  Please contact us for details.

Searching for the Foundations of the Universe
The universe unfolds in a single figure.
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Science of the Nude

Science of the Nude

Because a Man is Too Dark for the Air

("...and so we leap, with disbelief that we are not things of the sky")

A Movement of Travail

a declaration of the effect of suffering on the human, painted on a real topo map.

Terra Incognito Tactus

The mysterious land of touch, still rather uncharted to any precision.

Every map by nature is terribly biased; it's for us to determine how

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Most of these maps are available as prints in an exclusive limited edition of 20 each.  

Please contact us for details.

Tim speaks about the Metaphysical Maps at the Rocky Mountain Map Gallery, 2014
Guided tours of the Metaphysical Maps:

Certainly you, too, have felt like Magellan, setting sail upon those treacherous, unknown waters of an inner exploration. Instant satellite topographic imagery is no help to us here. Are we pioneering the frontiers beyond the reach of measure? Beyond the intelligence of measurement?

How do we steer a course from mistrust to compassion? Where are the richest deposits of beauty in this life? What deadly shoals await us at the extremities of the passions?

The early geographic explorers had only the most crude, unreliable charts to go by, and sometimes– despite blantant biases– they even found their way. But any map, no matter how inaccurate, is still a diagram of possibilities.

Safety in the Clear and Present Threat of Poetry

Take a guided tour of the "Safety in Poetry" map.

The poetic power of art is the force, unlike the immediate
but ineffectual force of violence, that can change the world.

Muse Culture
Chart of the artist's creative universe.

Take a guided tour of the "Muse Culture" map.

Lingua Tactus Nebula

Lingua Tactus Nebula, mixed media, 28 x 36

The flattened model of the world of touch,
updated with all the latest discoveries.

Take a guided tour of the "Lingua Tactus nebula" map.

Portrait of the Subconscious

Portrait of the Subconscious, a map of the sculpture model with the title Model of the Unconscious.

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Partner Mate, (detail) mixed media on parchment
An adventure into the depths of intimacy.

Sex map

The Veil'd Realm of Sex

-gouache & inks on paper, 27 x 39 inches,  2011

An Exploration to the Absolute Edge
finding the leading edge of a life.

As Are You, So Is the World,
created for the Hermitage exhibition

The Vortex of Enviable Romance,
searching for sizzle beyond the horizon.

Celestial Baseball,
the game, the cosmos.
The Metaphysical Maps series lays out seemingly accurate and precise charts of internal experiences (that in messy reality lend themselves to nothing like precision!), combining the aesthetics of antique maps with the looseness of abstract expressionist painting.

Timeless art for troubled times

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