Encounter: the Mystery of Relationship

an exhibition of sculpture, paintings and drawings on how the process of relationship reveals to us parts of ourselves that remain hidden except through others.


Exhibition- Encounter: The Mystery of Relationship

The exhibition is displayed with a smattering of hand-written texts,

journal passages, musings and aphorisms.

The Path is laid out,

This life yet to live,

What will be its music?

"Lighting Fire",  chalk on green paper

Fear will see that you remain unchanged.
Longing will launch you headlong into life.

Burning Energy

"Burning Energy", mixed media

Desire is not an order to sack a village.
It is a divine call, deep, anonymous, alluring.


  -bronze, with one of its working drawings.

We can never determine once and for all where the division lies between subject and object, much as we struggle to claim our own experience.  This is ever more the case when it comes to the division between self and other, since every person we encounter forms an image inside of us, which constellates our emotional material that is– through a complex process– related to that image (the projective process.)

As Rollo May explains, in the height of the creative process there is a confusion of the boundaries between subject and object.  I believe that's what gives art some of its power and impact is the viewer's apprehension of the artist's experience (both usually unconscious) of being in that place of dissolved boundaries.  The viewer's own such experience is stimulated and reinforced by the artist's expression of that experience, which in effect celebrates the human's connection with the world.  It calls to attention the magic of our sensibilities to our being alive.

As I have burrowed deeper and deeper into the process of drawing from the nude– a process that is common enough through history to become the quintessential symbol of the artist at work– I have felt a migration of my awareness.  Whereas I began the practice as a technical exercise for developing my skill, my eye and my hand over the years I have become more and more focused not so much on the visual impression of the human form on my retina as on the emotional body that I feel has come into my working space.  Knowing a certain amount about psychodynamics, I realize that my experience is never solely my own, so what I feel in the encounter with the model is not simply that person depicted some way on paper, nor is it purely a self-portrait, a depiction of my own emotional response to the person before me.  I believe it is instead a third thing which I hesitate to try and identify, except to say it would not exist without both persons and their intense encounter.


"Creation in Short", mixed media

Which of us is being revealed?


"Openness", acrylic and inks.

EROS is its own intelligence.

Timeless art for troubled times

Creative Commons Copyright • 2013 • Tim Holmes Studio