The Dancing World paintings, 2009-16

Tram 41

Strasse Hugs Tram

Danube Dance

Mrkoplj Resists Time

Village Alive

Sopron Tower Faces Sunward

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I come to Vienna to live and before I know it I am painting in a new style. (A style I have, however, used for years in drawing.)  I rather hate the concept of a "style", since it is likely that conforming to it would constitute a false restriction on my creative vision.  My fear is that rather than painting an experience, I will be tempted to paint a painting of a clever style that succeeded for a preveious work.  I choose to create within certain limits, but I prefer the selection to be my own, unique for each expression.

In nature you will never see a straight line, which appears only as the path of our wish to make our environment fit our desire for smooth fulfillment, totally devoid of inefficiency. But in truth everything meanders.  Besides, the closer you look, even the "straight lines" humans like to force on our materials reveal more of the living, breathing, wiggling nature that produced the material.  Sometimes the hand can reveal unevenness in sculpture, proving that our eyes fool us into false belief in straightnesses

In these paintings I am simply seeing the music of nature that the objects around us are already dancing to.

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Timeless art for troubled times

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