Whose Desire Turns

pencil and inks on paper, 20 x 16 in.


"He whose desire turns away from outer things reaches the place of his soul.  If he does not find the soul the horror of emptiness will come upon him and fear will drive him with a whip, lashing him time and again in a desperate endeavor and a blind desire for the things of the world.  He becomes a fool through his endless desire and forgets the way of his soul, never to find her again.  He will run after all things and will seize hold of them but he will not find his soul since he would find her only in himself. 

Truly his soul lies in things and men but the blind one seizes things, yet not his soul in them.  He has no knowledge of his soul.  How could he tell her apart from things and men?  He could find his soul in desire itself but not in the objects of desire.  If he possessed his desire and his desire did not possess him he would lay a hand on his soul since his desire is the image and expression of his soul.  

If we possess the image of a thing we possess half the thing."

-Carl Jung, The Red Book

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"The human heart is a theatre of longing."  - John O'Donohue

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