Scale and figure - detail from the Science of the Nude map.
Science of the Nude

(and, upside down):

Active Model

from the Metaphysical Maps series.

Here's an exploration of the deep meanings of the most profound symbol there is: the human figure. The image of the nude is split by the viewer, acting as a prism, into layers of meaning from the Esthetic to the Mystical.

Then turn the map upside down and the same landscape becomes a chart of the artist's complex of processes and rituals to arrive at these places of revelation.

Cartouche detail from the Active Model map. This view describes the levels of meaning of the nude from the perspective of the artist, who uses specific rituals and proceedures to discover their meanings.

The human body– the most beautiful form in all of creation– is suffused with meaning from all through history. It is a hologram of the whole of Creation, in which the fervent student can find all things.

Prints in an edition of 20 are available.

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Art is not a single experience, but a unique journey for each to undertake on their own.

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