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On Culture

My snappy blog observations on current culture, and– because I can't help myself–  art!

What is Art?

My life-long struggle to refine a definition of ART and how art works inside the viewer and society at large.

Art as Healing

We all suffer.  We cannot choose whether to suffer, but we can choose to whether to suffer alone or to suffer together.  Art is the medicine that will help heal the world.

Cultural Roles Museum

Just as a biological library preserves seeds of rare plants in anticipation of unrealized benefits that the future may uncover, so cultural roles– developed and refined in some cultures over centuries only to be replaced by more egalitarian or expedient roles– might be preserved in all their complexities for posterity.

Art Next...  

Our future exhibitions and wish list

Meta-Art Projects

I am a guy who spends a great deal of time– day in, day out– thinking about the state of the world. The process of art-making for me is intertwined with my compunction to find the hot spot of any question (where a question is forged into its most powerful form), to honor the truth, and to move the world forward into new creative solutions. 

In recent years this tendency has directed my inspiration into projects that are too huge to be expressed in person-sized customary sensual media we think of as art. Instead these global-size ideas– mostly concerning the shape of civilization itself– can only be sketched and written about. I call such grand creative endevors "Meta-art".

Though civilization may seem to be flying apart at an accelerating rate, we need to get over casting blame and gnashing our teeth over what mess it all is and get on with the crucial business of imagining our difficult way into the future.

With the advent of a mechanized world we have been seduced into leaving our imaginations behind. The world that survives the crisis we have inherited will be one in which everyone's imagination is recognized, valued and engaged.

That is what this page is about.  Here I hope to lure you into this vital work, one way or another. You are needed.  We all need each other.

The idea that we are individuals (each trying to seize the big slice) is a lie.  We are interdependant, and without personal vulnerability an 'individual' becomes irrelevant.  Humans will survive to the degree that we honor the vital juices of community and embrace our God-like capacity to create something brand spanking new in the universe!

Democratic Globe

A model for a global tool to preserve the primacy of humans over mechanisms, to build a shared secular ethic that bridges all cultures, nations and religions into a global network of individuals possessing hearts.

Democratic Globe is a web-based cooperative model reflects a dream common to the whole human family: to increase cooperation and diminish evil everywhere for unfolding an even better future.  Not art except in the sense that it envisions new possibility.

Blue Bills, Money for a Clean World


Blue Bills are US currency died blue.  This is money based on the value of a clean world, the only source of real wealth.

Blue Bills represent a very simple non-confrontive way for individuals to change one of the most frustrating problems of civilization: the degrading effect of economic activity on nature and community!

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One vision of coopterative life is put together in a short presentation called:

Theaesta is a creative exploration of life and what destinguishes life and intelligence from other forms of matter. In a strange departure for a sculptor I outline a form of viable life according to my understanding of cosmology and biology and wonder if we would even see such life forms as intelligent were we to find them.

"We have the capacity to implement almost anything and imagine almost nothing"   

-Walter Bruggeman, theologian

Random Gifts of Art

a collaborative global project in which original Tim Holmes drawings are given to random strangers by Garret Garrels and various others of Tim's famous friends along their travels.

The Mysterious Language of Touch

English boasts some 700,000 words. So why do we not have a language for such a powerfully expressive and infinitely subtle medium as touch?

Psychic Art Forms

We tend to use our relationships like tools- to accomplish certain "ends".  But to do so ignores another entire rich field of alternate possibilities.

Love and Intimacy

Hard questions about  the realm of the heart that refuse to let one off the hook.


Timeless art for troubled times

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