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ART  INDEX  by Title

To locate a specific artwork or a series click on the title.
Each title is a link to a page that includes a photo and usually a statement.
WS=welded steel
DB=Dangerous Books Serires

Air Knife (WS)
Anima Mundi (B)
Animates (B)
Between Sleep and Reason (B)
Blast (The) (B)
Body Inhabits the Soul (B)
Breathmill (WS)
Bull (The) (B)
Bus Stop in the First World (B)
By the Light of the Morning (B)
Campesino (B)
Celestial Pointer (WS)
China Peace (B)
Christian Vine (B)
Civil Security (DB)
Cleopatra Rescues a Mariner (WS)
Cloud Clipper (WS)
Cloud Cutter II (WS)
Committment to Freedom (DB)
Conceptual Tools (WS)
Creator's Delight (B)
Cycle of Renewal (B)
Dangerous Books (DB)
Dark Grace (B)
Dawn (B)
Drawn by Vedran (B)
Double Bind of Knowledge (DB)
Downpour (WS)
Dreamer's Desk (B)
Eruption into Eloquence, Irruption into Eloquence (DB)
Exposť (DB)
For a Wind to Watch (WS)
Fragment of my Home (B)
From Innocense to Innocents (B)
Great, Sweet Wound (NW)
Healing Touch (B)
I Shot an Angel by Mistake (B)
Isomorph (B)
Licentious Poetry (DB)
Model for a New America (B)

Model of the Unconscious

Modulate (WS)
Not Approved (WS)
Not My Seed, Yes Your Everything (B)
Olympic Africa (B)
Peace Prizes and International Awards (B)

Poisonous Books (Series) (DB)
Private Era (WS)
Rainboy (B)
Returning the Nails: Endurance (B)
Returning the Nails: Conviction (B)
Rhinemaiden II (B)
Rumble of Release (B)
Secrets (B)
Seized by the Mystery (B)
Singing into Wings (B)
Soli (B)
Song of Another Voice (B)
Station 12: the Demise (B)
Stifling the Blessing (B)
Syzygy (B)
Throwing Stones Against the Sky (B)
Trumpets of Bezalel (WS)
Ts'ao Shu Dancer I  (B)
Ts'ao Shu Dancer II  (B)   
Unfolding Flight  (B)

Victorious Gladiator (B)
View from a Softly Closing Door (B)
Welcome Home (B)
Who Gives All Gifts (B)
Within Be Fed (B)

MM=Metaphysical Map
S= Series

Angel (MT)
As Are You, So is the World (MM)
Ash Woman (P)
Back of Hand Map (PR)
Beauty was the Horse I Rode (D)
Because Man is Too Dark for Air (MM)
Bird of Magdelena (P)
Call to Mysticism  (DP)
Celestial Baseball (MM)
Coniunctio (MT)

Dancing World Paintings
(Exhibition) (S)
Dark Drawings (Exhibition) (S)
Divine Signature (P)
Divine Meal (PR)
Divine Taste (PR)

Exploration to the Absolute Edge
(MM, PR)

Femme (P)
Fierce Love (D, P)
Flying Cathedral Dancer (D, P)
Freedom of Religion (D)
Friend (D)
Gaze (The) (D, P)
Green Goddess (P)
Handless Maiden (P)
Huntress (MT)
Jacob (MT)
Inti/Ship Partner/Mate (MM)
Language of the Heart (Exhibition)

Lingua Tactus Nebula (MM, PR)
Lord of Beauty (D)

Metaphysical Maps
(S, MM)

Movement of Travail (MM, PR)

Muse Culture (MM), (PR)
My Mattress is a Sword Point (DP)

Mirabai (D, P)

Paolo and Frencesca (PR)
Poet's Journey (MM)
Poetry Hair (PR)

Portrait of the Subconscious (MM)
Prayer Map (PR)
Rescuing Angel (PR)
Safety in the Presence of Poetry (MM, PR)
Salome, John (MT)
Science of the Nude (MM)
Searching for the Foundations (MM)
Sentinelle, The Soul of America At War  (Exhibition) (S, D, P)

Strasse Hugs Tram (DW)

Succulent Life (P)
Terra Incognita Tactus (MM)
Tutti (PR)

Veil'd Realm of Sex
(MM), (PR)

Vigilant Bride (P)
Vision of Peace (P)
Visitation by the Muse (S, Film)
Why Do We Have Bodies? (Exhibition) (S)
Womb of Insight (PR)

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