New Work - (from all three floors of the Tim Holmes Studio)

My work takes me further afield as I get older, drifting from sculpture to painting to film and even other media I don't have a name for yet, somewhere in that unknown space between theater and sculpture, or art and psychology. The process of art-making for me takes me into expressions that are too huge to be expressed in customary person-size, sensual media we think of as art. I call such grand creative endevors "meta-art" and there are more projects on the page "Meta-art".


Random Gifts of Art

It started as a simple idea: original Tim Holmes drawings are given to random strangers by international speaker Garret Garrels. But it quickly gained a global dimension as Garret was asked to speak about it in Europe. Then the project began to blossom in all directions. We published this book, developed a Facebook page and a dedicated website to share stories of the gifts and track each book as it's passed on to others. There one can follow the trails, read and share some of the remarkable stories. Also, we're touring Europe with our live performance to spread the good news of generosity.

But it didn't stop there. We produced a 30-minute TV show, a live performance, and a European tour. You can follow the tour here.The message is powerful: the new sharing economy is tapping into an energy readily available in each of us unleashed by generosity. We can all chose to participate at any time. The rewards are surprising and limitless!

New Metaphysical Maps:

Detail from the Metaphysical Map Partner Mate,

mixed media on parchment; with Cathy Weber.

Inti Partner Ship Mate

Inti Partner Ship Mate

Science of the Nude

Science of the Nude

jSearching the Universe

Searching for the Foundations of the Universe

take the tour!


Exhibition- Encounter: The Mystery of Relationship


Montana Historic Preservation residency:

Gazing Across History, oil on canvas

Free Power at the Studio!

The Tim Holmes Studio is not just an art fountain, here we create great ideas too, thoughFree Power sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

We just installed a power outlet on the street to offer free electric power to anyone who wants it!

We have
solar panels that produce more power than we ever use. But sadly our utility, Northwestern Energy, not only takes the excess and resells it at a profit to the neighbors, but complains that we are the ones who are unfair. They accuse us small producers of making those neighbors "pay double for (their) electricity".

That's a lie that's easily countered with free power for the taking. NWE takes it for cheap from us and sells it at
market prices to the neighbors. So who's zooming who here? If you're in the neighborhood, please drive your electric car over, or plug in your phone or even your curlers. Even if do they say terrible things about us, we love making free power–– and giving it away, too!

Tim speaks at TEDxWhitefish on "The Erotic Crisis",
and explains the Body Psalms project, including screening his film,
Fear To Wonder.

Exoplanet Theaesta is a creative exploration of life and intelligence, and what distinguishes these qualities from other forms of matter.

In this short guided tour, I imagine a strange kind of viable collaborative communal lifeform that we've not encountered but is scientifically possible. And I wonder–
were we to find it–if we could even recognize it for what it was...

Blue Bills for a Clean World

Blue Bills are US currency died blue.  This is money based on the value of a clean world, the only source of real wealth.

Blue Bills are US currency died blue.  This is money based on the value of a clean world, the only source of real wealth.

Blue Bills represent a very simple non-confrontive way for individuals to change one of the most frustrating problems of civilization: the degrading effect of economic activity on nature and community!

Read the full story at

NEW FILM (Yet to be released):

"A Hart Longs"

No, it's no misspelled, a hart is a stag, and you can see what it longs for by clicking the link.  (Write "HartLongs" to view).

Timeless art for troubled times

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