Body Inhabits
the Soul


ht.: 12"/30 cm

I’ve spent more time creating this sculpture than any other, even my largest architectural commission, and I’ve had plenty of time to think about it. But I still don’t know which aspect of this curious image is more engaging to me— the technical or the spiritual.

On both levels, it depicts two women who occupy the same space. Both figures are only visible where they share space with the other. Each exists only where it inhabits the other. The body is in fact a metaphor for the soul.

If they are two aspects of the same person, body (the smaller figure) and soul (the larger), then only where the body synchronizes with the soul do both become apparent. The less the body coincides with the soul, the less apparent each becomes. In order to become a whole person, the two must synchronize perfectly.

But why let perfection obscure that more intriguing beauty— the longing for perfection?

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