The Blast


ht: 12"/30 cm

I am not lord and master of my own sculpture. That honor belongs to my Muse. Though I do maintain editing privileges, it's my inspiration that tells me what to do next, sometimes with such urgency that I am consumed for days or weeks with a particular vision.

The Blast is the echo of an unpleasant yet relentless vision that my inspiration forced me to confront. The nuclear threat is something that can frighten us into paralysis. It's hard not to feel powerless in the face of such a threat.

This image, ghastly though it is, brings out different emotions in different people. Some are repulsed; some are moved, but move away from the image very quickly. Some people have told me it made them want to go home and put their arms around their children. As I contemplate this piece, I remember simply this: Since each of us would be vaporized equally in a nuclear confrontation, we each have an equal responsibility to work for the preservation of the human race.

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