Bus Stop
in the First World


ht: 8"/20 cm


Between the "developed" and the "underdeveloped" civilizations (or so we like to call them) is a distance so wide that the two seem as different worlds. This distance allows us so comfortably to ignore the plight of the underprivileged that we commonly refer to theirs as the "Third World," as if it were another planet we needn't concern ourselves with. We go about our lives in satisfied ease.

But just beyond our everyday view, a harsher reality holds millions of victims in its grip: The huge, faceless machine of commerce and politics supports our world while it chews up and spits out the citizens of theirs. Could we live with ourselves we were not so insulated - if the reality of everyone's world were exposed for all, including ourselves, to see?

This sculpture states the question simply: Could we stand at our bus stops, at our desks, at our mirrors, if we could really see and touch and know the amount of human suffering our consumptive lifestyles cause?

Copyright © 2007 Holmes Studio