Between Sleep
and Reason



One of the most frustrating aspects of my art is the constant inadequacy I feel in translating idea into form. Inevitably, the more urgent and profound my inspiration, the harder it is to capture it in solid material. The difficulty increases with the weight and substance of the material. If I could sculpt in smoke, how much easier it would be to convey the character of an ethereal inspiration than working in welded metal or carved stone!
Between Sleep and Reason is the kind of piece I should like to carve out of smoke. If the form could be discerned only by bending forward and squinting, heavy with concentration - only to disperse with your approach - I would feel like I had translated the idea successfully! Instead, the work is incarnated in heavy clay, which, when cast into bronze, is substantial enough to put a hole in your car. How much of its original, ethereal character survives the transformation into earthly material? In that question lies the meaning of art. The very process of art's struggle to be born is at once its doom and its magic.

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