The Creator's


ht: 18"/45 cm

In working the original wax for this piece, my composition focused on a joyous confusion of body parts. The lovers' limbs entwine each other so that no major area of either body is exposed, as if each has lost its own identity, becoming a spiraling mixture. The figures seem charged with passion, like binary stars irresistibly attracted to each other in every cell. One foot of each clenches, the other releases, giving and receiving in perfect rhythm. Even her toes reach for him. He encloses her not with greed but with tenderness, one hand grasping, the other supporting. She has buried her eyes, opening her other senses entirely.

This couplet appears perfectly disconnected from the rest of our universe, as their own is composed entirely of each other and their Creator (I don't mean myself), who apparently participates with them in their delight. How wonderful for them it must be to be locked in eternal embrace, free of any fear of separation or torment by those predators on mortal love: jealousy, mistrust, miscommunication, miscommunion!

Copyright © 2007 Holmes Studio