Model for a New America


ht: 8"/20 cm

I've never seen an American posed like this. A heels-down squat is too uncomfortable, and seems rather uncivilized - it puts us too close to the earth. We prefer the comfort and cleanliness of a device that holds us up, and holds us away from the earth. In America, we equate civilized living with the use of tools, devices and furniture that separate us from the chaos and discomfort of Nature. We view such devices - furniture, cars, houses - as symbols of status. We are not familiar with the earth any more. We're hardly comfortable sitting directly on it.
We are not familiar with each other either. Our insulation and disconnectedness is reflected in each other's eyes. In major cities, just making eye contact with someone is to invite violence. This disjointedness has a profound influence on our culture. What we are separated from - Earth, each other, ourselves -will surely become our enemy.

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