welded steel, bronze

ht: 14"/36 cm

from the collection of
Mark Jones

I had an assistant, Steve Palmer, a better artist than I in many ways. Says he: "Our composition is an amazement of all the days we have been into. They trail from us in vapor arabesques of their small moments."

When I read that line from one of his poems I thought of Modulate, the only sculpture I believe I've ever titled with a verb. It suggests the challenge of living life as a process. Like a single frame of a moving picture, the static object implies motion through time and space.

This figure presents an image of life in flux. It began as one loop of thin steel wire. A second wire was welded to the first, and as each layer was added an undulating landscape of motion evolved. Every day is essentially lived by a new person, moving through life like a modulating musical theme.

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