Rhinemaiden II

bronze, glass

ht: 20"/51 cm

A copy of Rhinemaiden II is on permanent exhibit at the Hermitage Museum, the largest art museum on earth.

Sergei Androsov, Hermitage curator, wrote of the Rhinemaiden II:

"In his best works, Tim Holmes expresses his feelings with great sincerity and openness. At first, the works seem to be spontaneous, reflecting the momentary inspiration of thought. It seems that these images are created easily and freely in the consciousness, and are immediately shaped into plastic forms. One example of this apparent spontaneity is Rhinemaiden II, depicting a mermaid, a daughter of the full-watered river, a character from Wagner's opera, Gold of the Rhine. The feeling of merging with nature, the joy of existence, is expressed with exceptional depth."

The bronze is cast in several pieces which are then fitted to the stone being used (Idaho lava rock) for a base. Every strand of hair is then individually formed and brazed into place. This finishing process takes a few days.

Timeless art for troubled times

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