Station 12: The Demise


ht: 14"/35 cm

I am asked on occasion why I don't use my work to uplift people by making more happy sculptures. "Why all this misery?" someone will say. But if achieving genuine joy were simply a matter of thinking happy thoughts, there would be little pain in the world. Some images are truly painful not because they create pain in us, but because they reacquaint us with the pain that is already ours. Facing squarely the pain of life is not only healthy, I believe it is the only way to find the true joy that lies beyond -- a goal absolutely unreachable by mere positive thinking.

A more agreeable image can, in fact, obstruct the deeper truths. For instance, those Christian believers who have used the cross to make pretty designs run the risk of becoming comfortable with it. Only by radically restating the Savior's death by torture is the truth heard anew: that only through crucifixion is resurrection possible.

Station 12 in the title refers to the 14 Stations of the Cross, a series of devotions in the Catholic Church that solemnize the 14 stages of the Passion of Christ -- those events between Jesus's condemnation by the people and his burial in the sepulchre.

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