Throwing Stones
Against the Sky

ht: 23"/58 cm


The title of a work of art has a certain power: It can set the tone, establish a setting, direct the viewer's attention. It can temper or expand the range of a viewer's response to the piece.

The title is often the first part of an art piece that a viewer identifies. Therefore, it can send the thinking viewer down a number of divergent paths (all eventually converge again). Some artists don't title their work, leaving interpretation totally unlimited. For me, entitling my work is one of the most crucial and satisfying stages of creation. And I've found that people appreciate being given a starting point, at least, from which to launch their own interpretations.

This piece implied a number of possible titles of varying direction and urgency. I settled, eventually, on this scrap of poetry, which to me had just the right effect.

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