View from a Softly Closing Door


ht: 15"/38 cm

It always comes right before the blessed silence -
That terrible screaming you just can't stand any more.
You're tired of hearing it.
Every day there is wailing and it never stops.
Someone crying about some tragedy as if it were your own fault.
As if you didn't have problems, too.
As if you didn't work hard to get where you are without any help from anybody.
As if you never gave to charity.

Life is hard enough without having to listen to screaming, too.
And it always gets loudest just before you stop your ears.
The way the protestors scream before the're hauled off in vans.
The way the mothers scream before you can shut the tank hatch.
The way your pain screams before you can get the pills down.
The way your conscience screams before finally the door closes, softly.

Copyright © 2007 Holmes Studio