bronze, ht: 12"/30 cm  (scale model)

Sited in a garden in downtown Helena, Montana
St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Who Gives All Gifts


Who Gives All Gifts, bronze, 8 ft. in height

-a memorial to Bob and Polly Holmes
and all those who give of themselves for the sake of the community.

I come pretty close to breaking the second commandment with this piece.  It is a graven image, a figure expressing the essence of genuine unconditional love- Agape- as revealed to Christians through Jesus who modeled the attitude of a loving God.

But I believe the commandment refers to our attempts to capture God, not our struggles to fathom the divine spirit of Love.


With face hidden, a powerful and vulnerable figure bends over us, waiting in infinite patience and tenderness for us to discover and appreciate the gifts that are showered upon us — to use or discard as we will. 

Though something in the long droop of splashing hair hints of ageless sorrow, still there is a trusting innocence in the figure; perhaps a willingness to be betrayed by frightened humans, again. 

The powerful, giving hand lies open and relaxed, in utter trust that we human creatures will, in our own time, accept and honor the gift.

And then go and do likewise.

Timeless art for troubled times

Creative Commons Copyright • 2013 • Tim Holmes Studio