Amina Mundi, the U.N. Women's Peace Prize                    

Anima Mundi
, bronze, 19 inches

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Artist's statement

From our viewpoint in this fresh millennium we can see how the great masculine spirit has marched across the face of history, absorbing indigenous cultures, feeding them mass-market merchandise, and struggling against nature to establish a natural resources-based economy.

But deep within the human soul rises a longing for the great Feminine, the Anima Mundi who answers the spread of the monoculture with her defiant, compassionate strength. Wherever the world is out of balance -- wherever violence, oppression, divisiveness, or avarice do damage -- the Anima Mundi rises up to empower the individual, protect community, to defy even the greatest force. Her power is not external, like a warrior's, but rather is as internal and unstoppable as a person’s ability to read, or capacity to love. Both personally and collectively, the Feminine is blooming among us.

After all of humanity's technological, military, heroic developments, it turns out the survival of our world -- of ourselves -- depends on one most important thing: Peacemaking. This art lies in the world of the Feminine. Whether practiced by men or by women, it is the Feminine within that unites people to each other, that connects us to the land, that builds and holds fiercely to relationships.

To each one who embodies the Anima Mundi , who rises up in fierce compassion to protect our global village from imbalance, all the relatives -- human and otherwise -- say thank you.

Glenn Close shows Anima Mundi to a friend at the presentation

Timeless art for troubled times

Creative Commons Copywrite • 2012 • Tim Holmes Studio