Healing Touch
The Healing Touch

The Physicians for Social Responsibility Peace Award


ht: 12"/30 cm

Scupture curator of the Hermitage Museum, Sergie Androsov, writes:

"Holmes knows how to shape his works in such a distinct way that they express a creative spirit that only a master like Rodin can capture.

The Healing Touch is one example. Of course, the sculptor had Rodin as a starting point, but he interpreted the form in a more elegant and refined way. The fingers of the hands seem to be not only real but animated, and the metamorphosis into birds taking off does not surprise us. If Rodin's Hands of God create a man with his flesh, Holmes' The Healing Touch shows his soul, the invisible but very important part of his personality."

Commissioned by Physicians for Social Responsibility, an arm of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. As an annual peace award, it has been awarded to champions of peace around the world.

Artist's statment:

Peace, like good health, is not a luxury to be enjoyed by the righteous few, but a natural state of being that God intended for us all. We humans have perpetuated the revered tradition of violence since ancient times, but I believe violence is an aberration rather than a fulfillment of human nature. It is a disease. Ironically, perhaps, it is the invention of nuclear weapons that makes us most keenly aware of this.

Fortunately, however, the disease is not incurable. Each of us has the capacity to create peace in this troubled world. Peace proceeds not from technological expansion or governmental will, but from individual effort. And in the final analysis, it's not the result that really matters. What is important is the grace and consistency of our work, as we each reach out to our sick and wounded world in whatever ways we can, with a healing touch.

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President Jimmy Carter receives Physicians for Social Responsibility peace award

Healing Garden installation

The Healing Touch was recently installed in the
Community Medical Center healing garden in
Missoula, Montana for the benefit of recovering cancer patients.

Timeless art for troubled times

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