Welcome Home


ht.: 12"/30 cm

A bronze dedicated to the International Peace Center
just outside the former Robben Island prison,
where Nelson Mandela and thousands of others were imprisoned.
For 500 years, Robben Island was a fortress of exile. From the original security it offered Dutch mariners sailing to a strange continent, to the maximum security their descendants inflicted upon their political foes, the island's first and last name has been isolation.

All the people of South Africa have known exile. Whether it was the brutal victimization of millions under the oppression of apartheid or the isolation of the Afrikaner nation from the international community, all have known the bitter taste of banishment.

An amazed world witnesses now, for the first time, the new face of welcome in South Africa as Robben Island's world-infamous prison is transformed into a national monument to the struggle for freedom! How fortunate we are to watch as a nation opens her heart to all her people, declaring each of equal worth, throwing wide her arms to all her prodigals, the victims and the desperate ones alike, and saying, "From now on there are no more exiles. All of my children belong. My beautiful ones, Welcome home!"

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