Monuments and Memorials

The Cycle of Renewal

 bronze, 9 ft., Pampano Beach, Florida

Cleopatra Rescues a Mariner

iron, 8.5 ft., York, MT

China Peace, Chinese democracy memorial

Welcome Home

Monument for a peace center on Robben Is., South Africa.

Since the creation of metal sculpture involves the use of so much force (in forming directly in metal) or heat (in casting bronze), I have always preferred working on a small scale, where sensitive, expressive passages are easier to form. This scale is also more intimate, more human.

But on occasion I enjoy doing something really big.  It not only feels impressive to be in the presence of a really big piece, but it also allows me to experience the material very intently because there is so darn much of it!

Who Gives All Gifts

bronze, 8 ft., St. Paul's UMC, Helena, MT

"Who Gives All Gifts" community monument article 

Working the team to place a plinth.

Tower VI

Timeless art for troubled times

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