Model of the Unconscious

The depth psychology magazine Depth Insights

published a guided tour of "Model of the Unconscious"

Model of the Unconscious

welded steel, mixed media

ht.: 28 in. / 71cm

A working model of the personal unconscious as described in the work of pioneering psychologist Carl Jung comes alive.

Studying Jung for most of my adult life, I needed a way to envision the workings of the psyche. This project allowed me to do so. It is both accurate (as I understand the functions) and tougue-in-cheek (there is not a real "Dreamer's Cabinet of Wonders", but we all know the effect.)

I insisted on the battered, rusted quality which speaks of the ancient , well-used design. Although parts seem very fragile, the major structures are vey solid. I feel the metaphor is apt. The whole work makes for long, curious study.

Gallery of Archetypes

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The Gallery of Engaged Archetypes can only be seen in the reflections of two spinning wheels of mirrors; one light, the other dark.

The "Dreamer's Cabinet of Wonders" is crammed with dream props.

All the parts have an identified psychic purpose.

Timeless art for troubled times

Creative Commons Copywrite • 2014 • Tim Holmes Studio