Abstract works

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Ts'ao Shu Dancer I FM7/G

Ts'ao Shu Dancer II Dm/M9

China Peace


Tower II

Portrait of the Unconscious

Cleopatra Rescues a Mariner

Not Approved

For a Wind to Watch

Conceptual Tools series

Conceptual Tools explores the aesthetics inherent in low-tech tools.
The "tools" in this series are intentionally designed for impractical purposes.
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Cloud Cutter II

Air Knife


Celestial Pointer

Cloud Clipper

 Dangerous Books series

-the power of ideas-

Civil Security
Two series of book sculptures use the visual impact of mutilated texts to ask the question: which is more dangerous to a democracy, free speech or censorship?

Dangerous Books

oh, the hate mail!

Licentious Poetry

Committment to Freedom


Eruption into Eloquence
Irruption into Eloquence


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Timeless art for troubled times

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