ht: 13" / 33 cm

... Male and female
God created them.
Genesis 1:27

Like all myth, the ancient Hebrew creation myth is packed with meaning, onioned with layers of metaphor and faceted with rich interpretations.

It was not until 4,000 some years after the first telling of that myth that Carl Jung, in his seminal work on the unconscious, illuminated the scientific truth of this Old Testament story: we hold a created universe within ourselves, male and female, animal and human, familiar and foreign, both spiritual and earth-bound.

Just as every woman carries a male spirit—her Animus—as a man I live with a feminine soul, my Anima, which presents me with my life’s work: to learn to know, respect and nourish this invisible aspect of my being that is equally as real and sometimes even more powerful than my male aspects.

Our psychic task is to integrate our opposed components into a whole, into a dynamic, balanced universe. Perhaps that’s what the myth means by saying we are created in the image of God.

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