The Great,
Sweet Wound


ht: 13" / 33cm

The most powerful space on earth that I know of is the few inches between the seeking hand of Adam and the outstretched finger of God in Michelangelo's Sistine ceiling. Within that tiny gap of compressed space, all the power of universal consciousness bursts forth.

By giving us that gap, Michelangelo teaches us that pressurized space is infinitely more potent than full contact, in which no space exists. Instead of dissipating the explosive energy between creator and creation by depicting the moment of actual contact, the master instead gives us the unexploded intensity of the compressed space between them.

I began this piece by capturing mother and child in the moment of First Gaze--the magical, sanctifying instant when the baby's eyes meets the mother's for the first time, indelibly imprinting the baby's psyche with an image of the Loving God. But I found that the intensity of that gaze made too bright a center, and magnetized all the energy of the piece into itself. But by closing the mother's eyes and turning her head slightly away, the energy marvelously burst from mother and sketchy babe outward, to include even us, the innocent, awestruck witnesses.

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