into Wings


ht: 8"

It's hard to believe in a mutiverse when my physical outer -verse appears so uni- to me.

Yet there is an inner-verse, by whose orbital tugs and bursting novas I am often shaken. I know it because I know healing comes from a force of life that lives only in mystery until it heals me. I know that sometimes love seems to sprout out of a desert of pure nothingness, defying all natural laws.

Every lack is a possibility yet uncreated; every half-empty cup of matter is balanced by a half-full cup of anti-matter. Both worlds make up our multiverse— the emptiness and the infinite. The bereft can become the bountiful with one quite simple inside-out change of perspective. Yet that unfolding is sometimes in all the world the most difficult task.

When I witness the stunning transformation of a person's inner reality into the rich physical world, I recognize the same process that burst forth everything of our outer-verse in the Big Bang. And I know I am in the presence of true and holy Creation.

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