Victorious Gladiator


ht: 19"/49 cm

A cast of Victorious Gladiator was obtained by the Hermitage Museum and remains there on permanent exhibition.

The Gladiator evokes a symbol of a very frightening aspect of human behavior – the belief that if we build our strength into impenetrable toughness, we will always be victors; we will always be right.

When people see this piece, they usually suspect that it might be labeled wrong. Where’s the victory in this figure? His body speaks of pensiveness, disappointment -- even anguish. But here indeed is the victor, which in his business means ‘survivor,’ leaning on his spear, (its shaft suggested rather than defined completely so as not to break the line of the figure).

There is, of course, no hope for the loser of whatever contest has just been fought. But there is hope for the victor. He can still feel and think. He can still begin to come to terms with the stark reality of how, in fact, he makes his living.

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